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Diode laser hair removal device,FG 2000-D

  • Model NO FG 2000-D
  • Type 808nm Diode Laser
  • Supply Ability

    1000 sets per month

  • Delivery Method

    by air, by DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS express door to door, by sea


    professional design services with the most reasonable expense

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Treatment principle:
Wavelengths of 808 nanometers (nm) are widely used in hair removal treatment, it is selectively absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft, damaging the follicular epithelium, and further causes hair loss, while the competing chromophores (oxyhemoglobin and water) absorb less energy at these wavelengths.

The proposed system provides 36 working modes, which are six modes for men and six modes for women, the men or women mode includes face, armpit, arm, body, bikini, leg mode respectively for different treatment part,
and each particular treat mode includes three submode as mode 1, mode 2 and mode 3.
The difference for each mode is only the default parameter, but all parameters for each mode can be adjustable in the parameter range.
The treatment can be applied on different Fitzpatrick skin type, including I (White), II (White with pigment), III (Yellow), IV (Yellow with pigment), V (Brown) and VI (Black);


Permanent hair reduction on all skin types (Fitzpatrick skin type I-VI), including tanned skin


FG 2000D
Laser type
Diode laser
Display Screen
10.4” color touch LCD screen
Laser wavelength
Laser class
Class 4
Treatment laser spot
Pulse width
9-143ms (continuously adjustable)
Energy density
2-120J/cm2 (continuously adjustable)                                    
Pulse frequency
Cooling mode
Close-cycle water cooling
Cooling range: 13-170C
Power supply
AC 110v/50Hz-60Hz

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